Reading Microsoft Teams presence information with Microsoft Graph and ESP32

This long overdue blog post explains one of my small circuits which indicates Microsoft Teams presence information for a user from Microsoft Graph. Circuit is based on Expressif microcontroller ESP32 ... read more

Postman, Azure AD and ‘Stay Signed In?’

I recently had a puzzling situation: I was using Postman to call K2 APIs secured with Azure AD, as described in K2 Help article [ ]( which) In ... read more

SharePoint Framework web part and K2 Workflow REST API

In this article I will describe the necessary steps to create and configure SharePoint Framework web part to access K2 workflow REST API on K2 Five or K2 Cloud. The example will be simple “Worklist” w ... read more

Adding K2 SmartForms form as Tab in Microsoft Teams

Continuing on my previous blog post where I wrote about steps that need to be performed to integrate a third-party SaaS product into Microsoft Teams, in this article I will demonstrate it step-by-step ... read more

Adding third-party SaaS as a Tab in Microsoft Teams

Tabs in Microsoft Teams are great way to integrate external web content in Microsoft Teams. When the Tab is added, content inside it becomes easily accessible to users, literally one click away from t ... read more

OpenLiveWriter, Orchard and Cloudflare Basic SSL

In this post, I want to share a small workaround for successful configuration of OpenLiveWriter with blog hosted on Orchard CMS that uses Cloudflare Basic SSL. First, some background: I use Orchard fo ... read more

Using Microsoft Graph .NET Client Library in Azure Functions

I use this code sample as a demo in my conference session “Building serverless applications with Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions” which I presented at several conferences in 2018. Slides can be fo ... read more

Renewed as Microsoft MVP for another year

Besides the fact that July 1st is the end of Fiscal year for Microsoft, it also makes important date for all current Microsoft MVPs. That is the date when existing MVPs are re-awarded or not. There ar ... read more

Building Serverless Applications with Microsoft Graph - ECS 2018 session slides

Slides for this session are posted on SlideShare   PS. I apologize to all attendees of my session. I ... read more

Building Serverless Applications with Microsoft Graph - ECS 2018 session slides

Slides for this session are posted on SlideShare  PS. I apologize to all attendees of my session. I in ... read more

My favorite conferences are almost here…

and I will present again! It is again spring. And it’s time for Microsoft NetWork again. My “home” conference this year has its 8. Edition, and I will be there, presenting about Microsoft Flow Custom ... read more

Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions presentation for SPUG Frankfurt am Main

... read more

Autumn 2017 conference season

I like to visit conferences. They are great opportunity to meet with colleagues, discuss technology and learn something new. I especially like SharePoint Saturdays. Being free of charge for attendees, ... read more

My attempt on building Angular2 and Microsoft Graph sample (originally built by Richard diZerega)

Ever since Richard diZerega posted his Angular 2 video, blog post and sample, I wanted to take some time to work through that tutorial and build the same app. However, I never got to take enough time ... read more

Adding sample queries to Microsoft Graph Explorer

Earlier last month I posted about running Graph Explorer locally on your computer. In the meantime, I also contributed with several sample queries to official repository. In this post I want to write ... read more

Microsoft Graph Explorer on localhost – using your credentials

In case you missed it, Microsoft Graph team yesterday open-sourced the Microsoft Graph Explorer – nice tool for performing queries against Microsoft Graph that is used on Microsoft Graph website https ... read more

Office 365 Groups and Tasks API - Getting Started (ECS 2017 and SPS Zurich 2017 session)

I’m right now returning from Zagreb, where I attended and presented at European Collaboration Summit. Session I presented there is slightly modified version of a session I presented in Zurich on Share ... read more

MSNetWork 7 - Microsoft Teams Extensibility - bots, connectors, tabs

I presented this session on Microsoft NetWork 7 conference, organized by Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegowina in Neum, in April 2017. Besides this, I also presented about Implementing SharePoint 2016 farm ... read more

MSNetWork 7–Implementing SharePoint 2016 farm on Azure IAAS

This session was first of two sessions I presented at Microsoft NetWork 7 conference that took place for seventh time in a row in Bosnia and Herzegowina. Main goal of the session was to introduce reso ... read more

Exposing SharePoint Online Search results in K2 SmartForms

One of common scenarios for LOB applications that connect to SharePoint is to leverage SharePoint Search results in the application interface. In this blog post I will explain one approach for surfaci ... read more

Conferences and speaking engagements –Spring 2017 Edition

As the session submissions are settled down and conference programs are announced, it is my pleasure to announce events on which I will be present as a speaker this spring. I am quite excited about th ... read more

How to: Adding a property to client-side web part

In this small walkthrough we will learn how to add property to client-side web part created using default template in SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Starting point is a web part which does not use any f ... read more

HOWTO - Kako popuniti Document Properties u Word-u 2016

U Word-u 2016 nam više nije na raspolaganju Document Information Panel, pomoću koga smo mogli da popunimo vrijednosti za korisnički definisane kolone koje su definisane na Content Type-u ili bibliotec ... read more

Creating Swagger descriptor file for SharePoint Search using RESTUnited, Fiddler and Notepad++

Update: Full post with details about SharePoint Search results in K2 is now posted It is common practice to use ... read more

Solving the mystery of missing Office add-in

During my session about Office add-ins at European SharePoint Conference last november, I had several demos with sideloaded Office add-ins. Sideloading add-in means the add-in manifest is saved to a n ... read more

Planning with Planner–SPS Lisbon 2016 session

My session at SPS Lisbon 2016 had Microsoft Planner as main topic, and it was created primarily with end users in mind. Main idea of this session is to show Planner functionality and to prove that it ... read more

Office Command Addins–ESPC 2016 session resources

Here are slides and resources for another session I presented at ESPC 2016 in Vienna. Presentation is embedded below and available for download from my and SlideShare pages. Office Addin Com ... read more

Office 365 Groups and Tasks API – ESPC 2016 session resources

I presented this session in DEV track on European SharePoint Conference 2016 in Vienna. As promised to my audience, here are session resources I used during the session itself. Presentation  is embedd ... read more

How to fix issue with missing apps on 1607 Start menu

I have a Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet which I received as a prize at one of conferences two years ago. I like it because it is small and light, and I use it mostly for reading and internet browsing during ... read more

How to enable Command functionality in Office add-ins

In this post I will highlight one workaround for issue with Office add-ins for Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Yeoman generator. The generator does not support creation of add-in Commands (except for ... read more

Speaking at European Sharepoint Conference 2016

European SharePoint Conference is largest SharePoint event in Europe. It gathers more than 1500 attendees over 100+ technical sessions related to not only SharePoint, but also all other Office 365 tec ... read more

Provisioning SharePoint sites for K2 app using PnP Provisioning Engine

Office Dev Patterns and Practices initiative provides set of tools, libraries and samples for operations against SharePoint and Office 365 environments using client-side APIs and templates. I started ... read more

Microsoft NetWork 6 - Kako pravilno konfigurisati SharePoint on-premises za SharePoint apps

... read more

How to: Edit Document Metadata from Office client application using Document Information Panel

When a document content type is associated with document library in SharePoint and Office 365, creation or editing of a document makes it possible to edit document content in Office client application ... read more

Live Writer goes Open Source

I am quite excited with the news that former Windows Live Writer has been forked and published as Open Source project on GitHub! If you are blogger, you can download binaries from www.openlivewriter.o ... read more

Building No-Code Collaboration Solutions on Office 365 - ESPC 2015 session

I had several conference talks in 2015 on conferences in Bosnia and Serbia where I had presented about Office 365 and SharePoint. However, definitely the highlight of 2015 for me was the session I pre ... read more

New job and new learning opportunity

Good morning from Vienna airport! I am waiting for a connection to Belgrade to attend on MVP Open Days CEE for first time. I arrived from Yerevan, Armenia, where I delivered 3-day SharePoint App/Workf ... read more

Overview of January 2015 Microsoft's announcements in productivity space

I am planning to write this post for a while - and basic idea behind it is to cover all relevant announcements Microsoft made in january related to Office server and client products. Disclaimer: This ... read more

How to: Insert pictures from OneDrive for Business to Office documents

In this post I will describe how to use pictures from OneDrive for Business in Office documents edited in Word Online. When we edit document in Word Online, we often need to insert picture saved in ou ... read more

Code Sample - retrieve my files using Office 365 APIs

In synchronization with release of new Office 365 REST APIs, Microsoft has published lot of code samples and starter projects on their GitHub Page. One of those samples is Single Tenant MVC Web App wh ... read more

How to: create users in Office 365 from CSV file with PowerShell

I recently had a project where the requirement was to create approx. 400 users across 8 different Office 365 tenants and to assign appropriate licenses to users. It is possible to create those account ... read more

How to: create batch of test users in Office 365 with PowerShell

During testing Office 365, one often need to create several user accounts. Those user accounts can afterwards be assigned different permission levels to various Office 365 services, and used for testi ... read more

New Reports supported in Office 365 Reporting Web Service Client library

If you need to include monitoring of Office 365 into your own custom applications, you can perform REST calls to Office 365 Admin reporting OData service, or in case that your app is .NET, you can use ... read more

Getting Started with Office365 Development – session recording, slides and demo resources

In October and November 2014 I presented session „Getting Started with Office365 Development“ on two conferences: TechEd Europe 2014 and Office365 Saturday Europe 2014. Both sessions are recorded, and ... read more

Getting Started with Office 365 Development - TechEd Europe 2014 session resources

I was invited by Jeremy Thake to co-present a session about Office 365 Development together with Dave Pae and Rohit Nagarmal on TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. It was introductory level sessi ... read more

SPC Adriatics 2014 - Session about SharePoint Development on Azure

Slides for my session are posted on Slideshare: It's that time of the year again - SharePoint and Proje ... read more

Iskoristite Office 365 za vaš web sajt – najava predavanja

Slajdovi za predavanje su objavljeni na SlideShare** U organizaciji MSCommunity zajednice u BiH, i ... read more

I presented to Alaskan SharePoint User Group

I was invited by Greg Burns to present a session targeted to developer audience for Alaskan SharePoint User Group. The group has meeting last Thursday every month, and most of their meetings are hoste ... read more

Book Review: SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook

DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of the book from Packt Publishing in e-book format. This is one of the books which can be read quite quickly, yet still contains lot of information. It can serve a ... read more

Office 365 Tip: Configuring Page Hierarchy on Public Web site

This post is intended as quick and simple guide for configuring hierarchy of pages (friendly URLs) on Office 365 Public Site collection. As Public Site does not offer users any direct to Managed Navig ... read more

Office 365 Tip: Referencing third-party JavaScript libraries in Master Pages with Design Manager

When you are converting existing HTML design to SharePoint Master Page with Design Manager, you often need to reference third-party script libraries used for functionality on pages. I recently had a c ... read more

Sample: Building apps for SharePoint with MVC (Edit and Delete)

In this post I will extend provider-hosted MVC app sample built by Chakkaradeep Chandran aka Chaks (Visual Studio PM at Microsoft, responsible for Office API tooling) s in a way to implement Edit and ... read more

Two Office 365 migration and adoption resources from Microsoft

Microsoft has published lot of guides about Office365. Some of them are built with intention to help organizations migrate to Office 365 or to make it easy for users to adopt new services. Lot of reso ... read more

Quick Tip: Discover subscribed content types in site

In my previous blog post, I explained how to publish content types in hub so that they can be used in sites. Today I will explain how you can easy see all content types which originate from CT Hub sit ... read more

Quick tip: Content Type Hub in Office365

Content Type Publishing and Content Type Hub are widely used mechanism for creating and maintaining reusable set of Content Types in SharePoint. Content Type Hub helps administrators to spend less tim ... read more

Microsoft MVP Award 2014

Earlier today I received e-mail from Microsoft, informing me that I was awarded with Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for my community activities related to Office365 in 2013. Being on both side ... read more

Tip: Use Resource files to security-trim Custom Action elements for SharePoint Ribbon

Custom actions in SharePoint server Ribbon can be configured so that they are displayed only to users which have specific Base Permissions on installed scope. In this article we will show how to lever ... read more

Slides and demos for session "Documents and Records Management with SharePoint 2013"

TechDay conference is conference organized by Microsoft BiH, usually during December every year. This year, conference took place on 9th December, with two parallel tracks - for Developer and IT Pro a ... read more

SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics 2013 Slides and Demos

For the second time in a row, I had the privilege to represent local SharePoint community from Bosnia and Herzegovina and be selected as a speaker on SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics. [www. ... read more

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (in education)

On Monday, 18.11.2013 Microsoft BiH organized "2. IT Day in higher education" with sessions about actual topics for Universities: Windows 8.1, Microsoft offerings for students, Office 365, S ... read more

Tip: Regularily reset SharePoint Timer Service during development

There is an interesting issue that can occur on development machines during development of SharePoint solutions that contain Site Templates or list templates in certain scenarios when site creation is ... read more

Configuring Site Policy in SharePoint 2013 using server code

In my previous post I covered topic of creating new Site Policy in SP2013 . In this post I will write about one approach to configuring Site Policy using server-side object model. When you create Site ... read more

Book review: "Exploring Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013: New Features & Functions"

I had the opportunity to receive and review this book as member of O'Reilly blogger review program. As experienced IT Pros, we are facing one issue every time when product vendors launch new version o ... read more

Office 365 sada je dostupan poslovnim korisnicima u Bosni i Hercegovini

Od petka, 12.jula 2013. Office 365 za poslovne korisnike (Office 365 for Business) dostupan je i korisnicima u Bosni i Hercegovini. Zvanična objava: Blog Office 365 for Business Korisnici u BiH mogu s ... read more

Creating Site Policy in SharePoint 2013 using server code

Site policy is new functionality introduced in SharePoint 2013 which enables to apply retention rules to complete sites. Great post about concepts, usage and configuration of site policies is posted o ... read more

Workflow Manager installation - my experience

EDIT 13.5.2013. In case you can't add or remove host in Service Bus farm, re-check that entries in HOSTS file are commented out (item 4. in list below) as that could cause this behavior. At first, I p ... read more

About Apps” session recording and slides

I presented this material on Microsoft TechNet Day 2012 and meeting of Macedonian SharePoint User Group in December 2012. Embedded slides and video are below. TechNet is annual event oriented for IT P ... read more

BAM Converter–now localized to German and Russian

BAM Converter is a small application for Windows Phone published at first during January 2011. This is a currency converter app that pulls exchange rates from ECB RSS feed (only on user action) and it ... read more

1SUG SharePoint User Group session “SharePoint Apps”–recording

On Tuesday, 30.10.2012 1SUG SharePoint User Group had regular monthly meeting. One of the topics presented (and, because of Sandy, single session) was my session about “SharePoint Apps in SharePoint 2 ... read more

Using Feature to apply themes in SharePoint 2013 Preview

In my previous post I wrote about applying custom theme to SharePoint 2013 site using new theming engine. I also mentioned that one approach for implementing this functionality could be to encapsulate ... read more

How to: Apply themes using Server Object Model in SharePoint 2013 Preview

One of new functionalities introduced in SharePoint 2013 Preview is new theming engine. Themes that are managed by this new engine don’t use Office Theme .thmx format and can’t be created using PowerP ... read more

Troubleshooting .NET Framework parser error after upgrade to Windows 8

After upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro, I encountered buggy behavior of several of applications based on .NET Framework 2.0/3.5. Apparently, the error manifested itself in a way that ... read more

Accessing caller web in SharePoint hosted app (SP2013 Preview)

SharePoint apps are hot topic these days, after Microsoft announced that they will be preferred development model for next major version of SharePoint products – known as SharePoint 2013. Applications ... read more

Feature (de)activation error “The web or site was not found” and Application Pool

I am using Microsoft IW Demo VM (2010-10A) for my experiments related to SharePoint, in all cases when I don’t have time (read: when I’m lazy) to create complete SharePoint Dev environment. Problem Th ... read more

BAM Converter - dedicated page on my website

Exactly 18 months after I wrote BAM Converter, small currency converter with offline support for WP7 – I finally made a overview page on my website dedicated to BAM Converter. On that page you can rea ... read more

Reminder - Article about SharePoint localization

I already wrote about SharePoint localization – in January I published blog post with links for downloads of Language Interface Packs for SharePoint 2010 for official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovi ... read more

Predavanje na WinDays 2012–razvoj SharePoint rjesenja za Office 365

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content in English, write to me and I'll post English version to my blog. You can also use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bo ... read more

Predavanje o SharePoint Online na konferenciji Microsoft NetWork 2.0

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content in English, write to me and I'll post English version to my blog. You can also use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bo ... read more

Predavanja o Office 365 i SharePoint Online na sastanku user grupe u Bijeljini

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content in English, write to me and I'll post English version to my blog. You can also use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bo ... read more

Snimak predavanja "Pogled na SharePoint Online"

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content in English, write to me and I'll post English version to my blog. You can also use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bo ... read more

Predavanje "Pogled na SharePoint Online" na sastanku user grupa u Sarajevu

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content in English, write to me and I'll post English version to my blog. You can also use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bo ... read more

Dostupni su LIP paketi za SharePoint lokalizaciju na BiH službene jezike

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content in English, write to me and I'll post English version to my blog. You can also use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bo ... read more

Novosti na sajtu

Disclaimer: If you want to read this blog content, please use some of online translation sites that support Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian) language. At this moment, Bing Translator is (unfortunately) not ... read more

Sinergija 11 predavanje Sandboxed Solutions za SharePoint - prezentacija i resursi

U prethodnom tekstu sam pomenuo da sam, i ove godine, bio predavač na konferenciji Microsoft Sinergija 11. Moje drugo predavanje na konferenciji je bilo "Razvoj i održavanje Sandboxed Solutions k ... read more

Prezentacija za WebMatrix 2 beta predavanje na Sinergiji 11

I ove godine, po treći put zaredom, imam čast da predajem na konferenciji Microsoft Sinergija. Sinergija 11 je tradicionalna tehnička konferencija koju organizuje Microsoft Srbija. Tehnički dio konfer ... read more

Dodavanje podrske za HTML5 video tag u IIS Express

U srijedu, 29.6.2011. održan je sastanak INETA user grupe u Tuzli B in2ITive (Be Intuitive). Tema sastanka je bila HTML5 Fundamentals, a predavač Nikola Šimić. Tokom demonstracije HTML5 mogućnosti poj ... read more

Najava SQL Server 2008 R2 kursa - 6231B

Naredne sedmice se u Logosoft Edukacijskom centru održava kurs 6231B Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Database. Kako stoji u zvaničnoj najavi, kurs je namijenjen naprednijim administratorima ... read more

Kako omogućiti integraciju web sajtova u Windows 7 taskbar?

Tekst objavljen na >> Jedna od novih funkcionalnosti koje donosi Internet Explorer 9 je mogućnost integracije web sajtova sa operativnim sistemom na Windows 7 računarima. U suštini, ona ... read more

Microsoft Network - predavanja o ASP.NET MVC i Internet Exploreru 9

U Banja Luci se 17. i 18.3 odrzava prva Microsoft poslovno tehnicka konferencija u BiH - Microsoft Network. Na ovoj konferenciji cu imati 2 predavanja: Novosti u ASP.NET MVC 3, u okviru DEV tracka, te ... read more

A different kind of Phone

... read more

Novo: ASP.NET MVC 3 beta, WebMatrix beta 2, NuPack CTP

Iako je mnogima ljeto period odmora u kome se usporava razvoj projekata, razvojnim timovima za web alate i tehnologije u Microsoft-u ovo ljeto je bilo u punom smislu radno. Nakon objavljivanja prve be ... read more

Prezentacije na septembarskim sastancima user grupa

Poslije pauze u avgustu, u septembru su ponovo održani redovni sastanci MSCommunity BiH i INETA User grupa u Banja Luci, Sarajevu, Bijeljini i Bihaću. Prisustvovao sam svim sastancima, izuzev sarajevs ... read more

Windows Live Essentials 2011–nova beta i novo ime

U utorak, 17. avgusta, objavljena je osvježena beta Windows Live Essentials aplikacija. U ovom release-u se po prvi put zvanično pominju nova imena aplikacija i čitavog paketa, pa će tako, do sada pom ... read more

Internet Explorer 9 platform preview 4

Platform Preview verzije Internet Explorera 9 objavljivane su svakih 6 do 8 sedmica, počevši od marta 2010. Preview verzije su namijenjene web programerima, kako bi mogli da testiraju kako se njihovi ... read more

Treća generacija ASP.NET MVC-a (Preview 1)

Prvi preview treće generacije ASP.NET MVC 3 objavljen je krajem jula mjeseca a može se preuzeti sa ove stranice. Nova verzija sadrži mnogo novih funkcionalnosti, a ovaj preview je obljavljen sa ciljem ... read more

Snimci prezentacija sa Windows Phone 7 Jump Start treninga

Virtuelni trening za programere Windows Phone 7 Jump Start održan je 20 i 22 jula. Kroz 4 sesije ukupnog trajanja 12 sati obrađeni su različiti aspekti razvoja aplikacija i igara za Windows Phone 7, t ... read more

Visual Studio 2010 i SQL Server 2008 R2 launch – snimci prezentacija

Konferencija DevDays 2010 u potpunosti je bila posvećena novim proizvodima – Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 i Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Kroz 8 prezentacija predstavljene su nove mogućnosti najnovije ... read more

15% popusta na Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design

Microsof Action Pack Development and Design je najnoviji Action Pack u sklopu Microsoft Partner Network-a, i namijenjen je developerima i web dizajnerima koji razvijaju rješenja na Microsoft platformi ... read more

Serija webcasta – upgrade sa IE6 na IE8

Za sve administratore koji koji se pitaju “Zašto preći sa sa Internet Explorera 6 na Internet Explorer 8”, ove i naredne sedmice su na raspolaganju tri webcasta koja odgovaraju na ovo pitanje, obrađuj ... read more

MSDN za svakoga

Visual Studio 2010 objavljen je 12. aprila 2010. godine, a može se kupiti kroz programe količinskog licenciranja ili kroz maloprodajni (retail) kanal. U maloprodajnom kanalu mogu se kupiti Professiona ... read more

Visual Studio 2010 Launch i SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch u Bosni i Hercegovini

April i maj su mjeseci u kojima je Microsoft predstavio niz novih proizvoda. U aprilu je bilo predstavljanje Visual Studija 2010 na svjetskom nivou – snimak pogledajte ovdje. Tradicionalno se pored sv ... read more

Prateci resursi za ASP.NET MVC 2 prezentacije odrzane u Bijeljini i Banja Luci

Prethodna dva četvrtka održao sam prezentacije o ASP.NET MVC 2 na sastancima dvije INETA user grupe u BiH – u Bijeljini i Banja Luci. U ovom postu ću napomenuti neke resurse vezane za ASP.NET MVC 2.0 ... read more

Windows Phone 7 Series – links to cool stuff

... read more

Expression 3 launch videos, Web Application Toolkits, IIS SEO Toolkit

As part of my job in DPE, I’m covering relationships with user groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina: I attend the meetings and (from time to time) speak about new and cool things  in Microsoft development ... read more

Microsoft BiH bilten za programere

Microsoft izdaje veliki broj besplatnih e-mail biltena za različitu publiku – partnere, korisnike, IT Profesionalce itd. Jedan od biltena je i MSDN Flash newsletter, bilten namijenjen programerima. P ... read more

TechNet dan 2009, Sarajevo, BiH

Već sam na blogu pominjao TechNet dan. Tradicionalni jednodnevni IT pro skup u Bosni i Hercegovini TechNet dan održan je u Sarajevu, 1.12.2009. Tema ovogodišnjeg skupa je Nova Efikasnost. Predstavlje ... read more

Sinergija 2009

Ove godine sam prvi put učestvovao na regionalnoj konferenciji Sinergija koja se održava u Beogradu, u organizaciji Microsoft Srbija. Pored toga, imao sam čast da budem predavač na dvije sesije iz tem ... read more

Nova efikasnost - Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, Business Ready Security - pozivnica za prisustvovanje najavi pocetka prodaje novih Microsoftovih proizvoda‏

![neweff-header]( "neweff-header") Kako informacije učiniti dostupnim bez obzira da li ste u uredu ili na putu, i bez obzi ... read more

Novi dizajn pocetne stranice na sajtu Microsoft BiH

Pošto od danas imamo nove Windowse, početna strana Microsoft web sajtova širom svijeta ima novu temu. Koju? Pogađate, Windows 7! crossposted with http://blogpanjk ... read more

Silverlight 3 Firestarter – četvrtak, 17. septembar 2009.

Firestarter koncept treninga podrazumijeva održavanje besplatnog tehničkog treninga registrovanim posjetiocima koji se istovremeno prenosi putem LiveMeeting tehnologije, te se snima za kasnije prikazi ... read more

U znaku broja 3

Nakon što je na konferenciji Mix09 kao beta predstavljena svijetu, treća generacija Silverlight-a je u petak, 10. jula dosegla release status. Pored toga, u četvrtak 22. jula je objavljena i RTM verzi ... read more

Web Platform Installer u praksi

Pošto mi se ukazala prilika da se malo poigram sa novim Silverlightom i Blend alatima, riješio sam da za instalaciju iskoristim Microsoft Web Platform Installer (skraćeno ću ga zvati WPI zbog bržeg pi ... read more


My name is Dragan Panjkov. I work for Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina as Developer Evangelist. My up-to-date profile on LinkedIn: Cross Posted from http://weblogs.a ... read more

Internet Explorer 8 FIrestarter live chat - 26.03.2009

test ... read more

Writing IE8 accelerator in 15 minutes (bookmark on Delicious)

Being teased from my colleague Radenko ( that IE8 accelerators are not so useful as FF addons, and that he can’t find appropriate accelerator for Delicious, I decided to find ... read more

I received my Typemock Isolator license

 As a followup to previous post, during last weekend I received my FREE and FULL Isolator ... read more

Listed on Windows Live Search

It is first time for me - blog post about Microsoft Office 2007 trial site is listed on first page of search results for this query: and ... read more

Isolator for SharePoint... You can get it for free!!!

Following all the buzz about SharePoint Guidance you might already hear that TypeMock Isolator can be used for mocking stuff when unit testing your SharePoint apps. Now, people ... read more

Mobility Day 2008 – utisci

U ovom postu podsjetiću se konferencije Mobility Day 2008, koja je održana 9. septembra 2008, u Zagrebu, u hotelu Antunović. Za one koji nisu upoznati, sadržaj ove konferencije je uglavnom fokusiran t ... read more

ASP.NET MVC has reached beta stage

UPDATE 17.10.2008: Here are more detailed blog posts by Scott Guthrie Phil Haack Scott Hanselman Last night I reviewed Twitter, as usual, and one tweet take my attention. Kevin Dente posted this ... read more

Customizing font in VS intellisense

This evening I was playing a bit with my VS editor environment (I use Roy Osherove dark theme with slight modifications) and tried ScottGu’s dark VS editor theme. One thing I noticed is that intellise ... read more

Talk: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Yesterday I was speaking on Banjaluka INETA User Group Meeting about ASP.NET MVC. It was introductory presentation where I tried to address only basic functionalities of ASP.NET MVC. PowerPoint I crea ... read more

My website is temporary offline

My site is offline since yesterday. This is caused by some errors when connecting to database. I contacted my hosting provider and we are now working trying to put it online. So ... read more

New ASP.NET MVC related videos and tutorials

As Stephen Walther announced on his blog, there are 15 new videos and 8 new tutorials in ASP.NET MVC posted on ASP.NET website. Videos are separated in 2 different tracks: "How Do I" videos ... read more

Novi SP za .NET Framework 3.5 i Visual Studio 2008

Juce su objavljeni novi SP-ovi za .NET Framework 3.5 i Visual Studio 2008. Kako prenosi Charlie Calvert na svom blogu, Download A download page is available here, or you can just follow these links: ... read more

Avoiding tag soup - sample files

I just read Rob Conery's blog post "ASP.NET MVC: Avoiding tag soup", and following his steps (except last one) I created some sample files in one of my existing MVC sample apps. He didn't po ... read more

Microsoft DevDays 2008 Sarajevo

Microsoft DevDays 2008 for Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Sarajevo, on Monday, June 9th 2008. It was completely related to Microsoft .NET 3.5. Lectures were held by Tomislav Bronzin, MVP and Micro ... read more

SharePoint development "Start page"

(from twitter, via LLiu) Lawrence Liu announced new site As he said, it is the "start page" for anyone interested in developing with the SharePoint platform. It's ... read more

ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 is on the web

To be short: Read between lines from here and... Source code and VS templates are on the Codeplex site, to be precise: ... read more

Future of SharePoint is so bright...

I found this interesting video about a developer meeting (thanks Grumpy Wookie) with one of the youngest web developers in the world. He prefers SharePoint... All I can add is that future of SharePoin ... read more

Just updated my blog subtitle

I will only mention that I have updated subtitle on my blog. Today I again found a link to Randy Pausch's last lecture (I watched it in October, I think...) and I've stolen some of key points of that ... read more

Why I like Firebug

Rebranding an existing site is always process, especially if site must maintain same page structure and, in case of MOSS WCM site, all web parts and content controls must stay alive and in place, so t ... read more


Zvanični launch proizvoda Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 i SQL Server 2008 za područje Bosne i Hercegovine održan je u četvrtak, 10. aprila 2008. u Sarajevu, u kinu Obala. U ukupno ... read more

Sajt i casopis Moj Microsoft

Microsoft BiH je pokrenuo sajt na kome promoviše svoje trenutne aktivnosti. Trenutno je aktuelan launch proizvoda Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 i SQL Server 2008. Više detalj ... read more

I passed exam for MCTS

As most of you already know, in order to achieve certification TS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring, you need to pass the exam 70-630. To prepare for this exam, one can use either ... read more

Radenko presented SilverReader at MIX08

My colleague and friend Radenko Zec won trip to MIX08 held in Las Vegas from March 5. till March 7. for his Silverlight application SilverReader as 3rd placed on European Silverlight Challenge. At MIX ... read more

ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 is available

As Scott Guthrie announced this morning (few minutes ago), ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 is available for download on ASP.NET Website and on MSDN download center, here: ... read more

Just a small reminder...

Mix08 is mixing... from 5. till 7. March in Vegas. First keynote will start at 9:30 AM PST (5:30 PM GMT and 6:30 PM CET) and will be held by Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie joined by Scot ... read more

New hotfix for Visual Studio 2008 is available

Recently, an announcement is published on WebDevTools blog @ msdn that there is a new hotfix available for Visual Studio 2008 (and Visual Web Developer 2008 Express) that fixes some performance and ed ... read more

Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 are RTM

I found brief announcement about this on Today Microsoft officialy announced that Windows Server 2008 a ... read more

I can analyze statistics for my sites... again

"And why am I so excited about that?", one might ask. Well, here are symptoms and the solution: On my personal site and blog, I use ... read more

Sastanak INETA user grupe

Sastanak INETA user grupe održan je 18.12.2007 godine u prostorijama firme LANACO kompjuteri i komunikacije, u ulici Knjaza Miloša 15, Banjaluka. U programu su bile 2 teme, i to: Visual studio 2008 – ... read more

Screenshots - WSS 3.0 on Windows Server 2008 RC0

Hello, This post is related to discussion on MSDN forums. as promised, here are screenshots of WSS inside WS2K8 RC0 Select server roles. Note that WSS is at the bottom of Server roles list Add req ... read more

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 are RTM

As already announced in Friday, it was clear that VS 2008 and .NET Fx 3.5 will be available early this week to MSDN subscribers. Yesterday morning, there were sporadic blog posts that Team Suite will ... read more

Konferencija Ekobit DevArena 2007

Konferencija Ekobit DevArena 2007 održana je u Zagrebu, 16. oktobra 2007. godine, u hotelu International. Sadržaj konferencije bio je podijeljen u dva treka. Jedan trek je namijenjen developerima, dok ... read more

ASP.NET, MOSS and App Pool identities

 I recently had question from my friend that is using ASP.NET and MOSS on the same server. He had issue similar to this: He has developed ASP.NET web application that is opening MOSS site using object ... read more

MobilityDay 2007 - Zagreb, 11.09.2007. godine

Jednodnevna konferencija posvećena razvoju aplikacija i infrastrukture za mobilne uređaje - Mobility Day održana ja u Zagrebu, 11. septembra 2007. godine, u prostorijama Hotela Antunović. Organizatori ... read more

Missing DLL Reference workaround

(System.EnterpriseServices not found on building web application)Here is a simple workaround for error that says "System.EnterpriseServices" was not found. Here are error symptoms. For examp ... read more

Blogging update

Here is an update on my blogging status: On my personal site I installed Community Server 2007 so there will be cross posting to both these sites. On the other hand, on my Community blo ... read more


Look here: and here: Cross posted from http://www.sharepointblogs/panjkov UPDATE (9.9.2014.): Links above are not valid any more. ... read more

Using slmgr.vbs to extend grace period for Windows Vista

Very large portion of this site's traffic is from users searching for cd keys for Windows Vista. However, as I mentioned in one comment, I cannot fulfill these requests. One simple reason is because ... read more

Article on speeding up Windows Vista

There is an excellent and comprehensive guide for speeding up Windows Vista. It is published on ExtremeTech. Here is a link:,1697,2110605,00.asp Of course, whatev ... read more

Arhitektura platforme Microsoft .NET Framework

Na slici je prikazana arhitektura platforme Microsoft .NET Framework. Osnovne komponente ove platforme su: Common Language Runtime – okruženje unutar koga se izvršavaju sve .NET aplikacije .NET Fram ... read more

Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX is finally final...

Microsoft announced final release of Microsoft AJAX 1.0 for ASP.NET 2.0 (known as code name ATLAS). You can download it from More in-depth information about breaking changes in thise rel ... read more

Upgrade to SubText 1.9.3

I upgraded to new version of SubText. I had 1.9 so I decided to upgrade to 1.9.3 because of problems related with links not shown on front page. Upgrade was quite straightforward. I downloaded new ver ... read more

Microsoft Office 2007 trial site

It is now possible to download 60-day trial versions of Office 2007. Point your browser to and enjoy in new interface with Ribbon and 3 new UI themes. As far as I ca ... read more

Objašnjenje oko upita - Windows Vista RC2 cd key

Analizirajući statistike ovog bloga primijetio sam da mnogi posjetioci dolaze referirani upitom "Windows Vista RC2 cd key" sa raznih pretraživača. Objašnjenje: Na ovom blogu nećete naći cd k ... read more

Real" besplatno

Pored toga što se knjiga "Getting Real" može kupiti u PDF formatu ili kao štampana, autori iz firme 37signals su odlučili da je objave online. Možete je čitati potpuno besplatno koristeći va ... read more

Real" for free

Besides that their book "Getting Real" can be bought in PDF or printed copy, people from 37signals decided to publish it online. You can read it absolutely free from your browser. Just type ... read more

(Windows) Internet Explorer 7 ugledao je svjetlo dana

Nakon više beta i RC verzija, Microsoft je ovih dana objavio i finalnu verziju svog novog Internet browser-a. Vidljivo je da se ekipa zadužena za razvoj ovog programa svojski potrudila kako bi novi MS ... read more

Windows Vista RC2

Opet Vista... Zahvaljujući jednom kolegi, uspio sam da dobijem CPP Windows Vista RC2 u zadnji čas... Pokušaj upgrade-a RC1 na RC2 prošao je neslavno zbog manjka slobodnog prostora na datoj particiji. ... read more

Windows Vista RC1 - prvi dojmovi

Nakon testiranja Beta 1 (jako kratko, nekompatibilan drajver za zvučnu karticu) i Beta 2 verzije (par mjeseci) Windows Viste, prošlog utorka sam uspio da instaliram RC1. Na žalost, moja grafička karti ... read more

10 najpopularnijih programskih jezika

Na sajtu objavljen je spisak 10 programskih jezika koje bi svaki programer trebao da nauči. Ovim redom: PHP2. C#3. AJAX4. Javascript5. Perl6. C7. Ruby i Ruby On Rails8. Java9. Python10. Vis ... read more


Microsoft announced naming map for ASP.NET codename ATLAS (Microsoft AJAX implementation) that is currently in last CTP pre-beta statust. Final release is expected until end of this year. Scott Guthri ... read more

test post

test post za ovaj blog ... read more

Are you too "Web 2.0" - test

Miles Burke published on his blog small test on this subject... Very interesting reading - and funny too!  ... read more

ASP.NET ATLAS dobija novo ime

Konačno je objavljeno kako će se zvati ASP.NET ATLAS (Microsoft-ova implementacija AJAX-a) koja je trenutno u fazi poslednjeg CTP prije objavljivanja beta verzije. Konačna verzija se očekuje do kraja ... read more

Da li ste isuviše "Web 2.0" - test

Miles Burke je na svom blogu objavio mali test na ovu temu... Veoma interesantno štivo - a i duhovito!  ... read more

Published from Windows Live Writer

This post is published from locally installed Windows Live writer. It seems that Subtext is Compatible with WLW. Very pleasant surprise. ... read more

Welcome to Subtext!

Subtext supports articles! Articles are typically used for more traditional long-form style of writing as you might find in a magazine article. They tend to cover more timeless topics and do not show ... read more