• 10 najpopularnijih programskih jezika

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    Na sajtu objavljen je spisak 10 programskih jezika koje bi svaki programer trebao da nauči.

    Ovim redom:

    1. PHP2. C#3. AJAX4. Javascript5. Perl6. C7. Ruby i Ruby On Rails8. Java9. Python10. … more

  • ASP.NET ATLAS renamed

    Microsoft announced naming map for ASP.NET codename ATLAS (Microsoft AJAX implementation) that is currently in last CTP pre-beta statust. Final release is expected until end of this year.

    Scott … more

  • test post

    test post za ovaj blog more

  • Welcome to Subtext!

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    Subtext supports articles!

    Articles are typically used for more traditional long-form style of writing as you might find in a magazine article. They tend to cover more timeless topics and do not … more